I remember when I use to be in school, and we use to break up for the summer holidays, the holidays was the marriage season lol, that was when you’d get soo many marriage invitations subhanAllah. Now I feel it’s cut down, not only that but, even if there is a wedding, I don’t go, because their packed with music and free-mixing subhanAllah, so I just avoid them.

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there's around 20 million muslims in china(an estimate) many ethnic groups like the hui and uyghur are predominately muslims thanks be to Allah they face religious prosecution in the country sadly keep praying for them

SubhanAllah, I will definitely make dua for them in sha Allah. Is there a lot of racism there do you know? JazakAllahu khayr for your help

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Im kind of out of snacks. Like i crave snacks but i already tried everything 20 times.. oh well. Ur blog is cool though

You just made me happy maa sha Allah, thank you very much. Lol 20 times, ok what about sweet dish then?